Estate Sale Auction North Carolina - Farm Equipment Auctions  
At Hall Auction and Realty Company our primary service is assisting sellers at North Carolina Auctions, however, we are always happy to assist you as a buyer. We are eager to facilitate your needs obtaining financing and property tax cards, meeting appraisers at the subject Real Estate Auctions property, or assisting with property showings, etc. At Hall Auction and Realty Company we specialize in marketing and auctioning large tracts of land to small lots, estates of all sizes, and Farm Equipment Auctions sales, including all types of heavy equipment and entire fleets! We are the only auction company in the area to offer a written guarantee before you consign. At Hall Auction & Realty Company our job is to save you a great deal of time and money when you buy at auction.

There are many advantages to buying at auction. Whether you are looking for an Estate Sale Auction North Carolina, real estate, heavy equipment, antiques or collectibles, auctions are the only place to buy property at a "fair market price." Fair market price is the amount for which real property or personal property would sell in a voluntary transaction between a buyer and seller, neither of whom is under any duty to buy or sell. At auction, the buyer sets the price. A motivated seller also creates a favorable situation for buyers by holding most of the negotiating power. Also, most auctions take place in one day, making long negotiating periods something buyers need not worry about.

If you are the winning bidder at an auction of real estate, you will enjoy a trouble-free closing process. Auctions eliminate contingencies and the long and sometimes confusing process of property closing. Most real estate auctions give the winning bidder 30 days to close on the property, and the purchase process is generally much faster than the conventional method of sales. Whether you are buying or selling, let Hall Auction & Realty Company prove to you that auction is the best marketplace!

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