North Carolina Real Estate Auction - Auctions In North Carolina  

Sell Your Property Quicker - Auction Sales Reduce Time On The Market
  • Results in offers in 60 to 75 days or less
  • Avoids drawn-out negotiations and needless contingencies

Seller Sets The Date Property Will Sell - CLOSE Within 30 Days From Auction

  • No longer waiting for the phone to ring and no longer at the buyer's mercy

Auctions Creates Buyer Competition - Urgency To Buy Is Created

  • Auction marketing brings buyers together for competitive bidding showdown
No Ceiling On Price - Auction Determines The TRUE Market Value
  • Once the bidding competition begins, all negotiations GO UP
Auctions Provide Seller High Exposure Sales Approach - Auctions Draw Attention
  • Exposure is enormous compared to conventional efforts - you create a market for your property
Are You A Good Auction Candidate?
  • Do you have a strong motivation to sell your property?
  • Would you like receive top dollar in a timely manner for the sale of your property?
  • Do you want to avoid the high cost of holding your property?
  • Are you willing to accept market value that comes from competitive bidding for the sale of your property?
  • Have you been left with an estate to settle?
  • Do you have business assets that you want to liquidate quickly?
  • Do you have surplus assets that you want to convert to cash?
  • Do you have a deadline to sell your property but want market value?
A "YES" answer to any of these questions means the auction method of marketing is the solution to your goals!

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